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School Clubs & Committees

At Glebe Infants and Picklenash Juniors we offer a vibrant mix of clubs and activities. Some of these activities, such as music lessons, take place during school hours, but others are in the form of optional after-school clubs.


“At Glebe the best thing is the after school clubs. My favourite is food club.”: Alisha  (Glebe).


Here is a selection of what has been on offer over the past twelve months:-


  • Yoga
  • Science

• Multi-sports (including football, rugby & hockey)
• Cricket
• Rounders
• Netball
• Sewing
• Food Club
• Gardening Club

• Homework Club
• ICT Club

  • Young voices
  • Radio club

• Art Club
• Choir

  • Harry Potter Club
  • Lacrosse
  • Football
  • Tag rugby

• School Orchestra
• Recorder Group

Music Lessons include violin, brass & woodwind with skilled peripatetic teachers. A larger choice of lessons, such as guitar and piano, will be available this coming year.
Generally after-school clubs start straight after school and finish between 4pm and 4.15pm. All children need to be collected from the appropriate school front entrance at this time. If your child cannot attend club that day, please send a note to the teacher running the club.


School Council


Children are at the heart of our school; consequently our school council aims to value each and every child's voice, listening to everyone's thoughts, ideas and opinions concerning the running of our school.  Through our school council we are determined to ensure that every child has a sense of belonging, feel confident that their voice is being listened to and implement changes to make our school a better place.


Our school council is made up of a child from each class across the whole school; council representatives have been elected from their class peers at the beginning of each accademic year.  Members within our council have different roles and responsibilities; we have a chair, secretary, refreshments coordinator and general class representatives.  Each council member wears a school council badge to help identify them.


The class representatives are responsible for collecting the views and opinions of their class, as well as any other suggestions the children may have and report back during our weekly council meetings.  The chair organises and leads the structured meetings, ensuring previous actions are met, suggestions are addressed, issues are raised and further actions set.


In previous years our school council has been involved with the appointment of new classroom teachers by interviewing the canidates, showing visitors around the school on Open Days, put bids in to 'Pickle Frogs' indoor play equipment, money  for school trips, set up a DVD library, choose outdoor climbing equipment and new books for the school libraries.  This year they have surveyed their peers for new playground equipment, budgeted and bought items inline with our healthy schools agenda.  They have produced a wish list for new menu choices which is currently being looked at by our catering manager and of late they have interviewed the candidates for a new head, which was very exciting!  They meet Wednesday afternoons, to discuss events and recap on past matters.

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Parent Focus Group


An ever growing group of parents who are passionate about supporting the school.  The group meets every half term to discuss ways in which to enhance what the school already offers and bring new ideas to the table. So far the group have spent time on devising a new Home/School Agreement, talking to parents about the kind of head they would like to replace the retiring Mrs Griffiths and most recently looking at how the school website serves its community.  Refreshments and homemade cake are available each time they meet, this is not an exclusive group, so if you wish to join or have any ideas you may wish voiced then please contact Kay Selwyn via the school office.