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Local Community

Newent Community School
Watery Lane, Newent GL18 1QF
Tel: 01531 820550
Email: admin@newent.gloucs.sch.uk
Website: www.newent.gloucs.sch.uk


Little Pickles Playgroup
Bradfords Lane Newent GL18 1QT
Tel: 01531 828076


Newent Children’s Centre
Bradfords Lane, Newent
Tel: 01531 822745
Email: nog@gloucestershire.gov.uk


Whippersnappers Day Nursery,
Glebe Close, Newent,
Tel: 01531 822242
Email: lisa@whippersnappers.org.uk
Website: www.whippersnappers.org.uk


Newent Health Centre
Holts Surgery, Watery Lane, Newent
Tel: 01531 820689


Newent Library
High St, Newent GL18 1AS
Tel: 0845 230 5420
Email: libraryhelpline@gloucestershire.gov.uk
Website: www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/libraries


Newent Leisure Centre
Watery Lane, Newent GL18 1PX
Tel: 01531 821519


Gooch Sports for school uniforms
2 Church Street, Newent GL18 1PP
Tel: 01531 821084
Website: www.goochsports.com


Newent Town Council
The Cemetery Lodge, Watery Lane, Newent GL18 1QG
Tel: 01531 820638
Email: townclerk@newenttowncouncil.gov.uk


St Mary’s Parish Church - www.stmarysnewent.org


Glebe Chapel - www.glebechapel.org


Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church - www.newentcatholic.org.uk


Newent United Reformed Church - Tel: 01531 820768


Newent Christian Fellowship - www.newentchristianfellowship.com




Children links


Here are a few contact details that you might find useful for local children groups. We do not endorse any of them and other local groups may be available.


Scouts, Cubs & Beavers
Tel: 01531 820745


Tel: 01531 621064




First Access at Newent Community School
Website: www.gloucestershiremusic.co.uk


Ballet & dance


Strawberry Hill Dance Centre
Tel: 07738 161689
Website: www.strawberry-hill-dance-centre.co.uk


Stagecoach – Theatre Arts School
Ledbury & Gloucester.
Tel: 01452 332253
Website: www.stagecoach.co.uk




Swimming Lessons/Trampolining Club/Children’s bouncy castle parties


Newent Leisure Centre
Tel: 01531 821519


Highnam Football Club (boys & girls)
Website: www.fchighnam.co.uk


Aston Ingham Tennis Club (junior coaching)
Tel: 01989 720478


N.B. Homework Help Links and Parent links can be found in the appropriate sections.