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About Us

Glebe Infant School and Picklenash Junior School share the same site in the market town of Newent on the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire border. We are proud to be the number one choice for primary school education in Newent.


In 2011, the two schools were federated and became “The Federation of Newent Schools”. Essentially this means that both schools are working together, sharing resources, including staff, to enable each school’s budget to be utilised more creatively to provide a vibrant, well supported learning environment. This has enabled the new federated governing body, which has management responsibility for both schools, to create what is essentially a primary school whilst retaining both schools’ budgets and resources. The transition at age 7 has now become seamless.


Both Glebe Infants and Picklenash Juniors share the same values, ethos and vision, and all staff are proud of our motto – ‘Learning together’. We recognise and value the individuality of each child by offering a creative curriculum that gives them opportunities to explore the world and develop their talents.

‘Learning Together’ also extends to our pre-school provision. We benefit from having ‘Little Pickles’, an excellent playgroup, as well as a Children’s Centre managed by Barnardo’s on site.

Both schools have healthy schools status and to maintain this we now have one kitchen serving both schools. Our food is prepared using locally sourced produce as well as using vegetables grown by the pupils. We have thriving Gardening clubs with very eager horticulturalists.


“At Glebe the best thing is the discovery garden, minibeasts live there.”: Nathan (Glebe).


We pride ourselves on each child achieving their full potential. To achieve this we value the impact that the Creative Arts, Music and Physical Education bring. We offer a wide variety of opportunities both in and out of the school curriculum. At Picklenash Junior School, in particular, take part in regular interschool events. We have an established choir in the infants and have recently started a junior one. Furthermore, the junior school has a very active and successful orchestra and lessons in a wide range of musical instruments.


Performing Arts is covered by our very successful productions in both schools where all children take part.

‘Forest Schools is’ a new venture for us and involves using the outdoor environment to nurture self-esteem, team building and enhance the curriculum. This is an especially important feature for the older boys at Picklenash.


“I love Picklenash School I think this is the best school ever. I have lots of friends at Picklenash School. My favourite lesson is art.”: Keira (Picklenash).


Our Vision

To ensure that everyone reaches their full potential in a safe, supportive and encouraging learning environment.


Our Aims

Staff and School will:

  • Provide a safe, calm, purposeful and inspiring learning environment
  • Deliver a broad and balanced curriculum through fun, stimulating lessons
  • Have high expectations of children’s achievements and behaviour and model these expectations for the children
  • Encourage children through appropriate praise to help them reach their full potential
  • Create a happy working environment where children are confident to contribute to lessons and these contributions help shape the learning
  • Provide children with the skills needed to be a good learner and guide them in becoming increasingly independent
  • Be respectful and accepting of others
  • Encourage smooth transitions between key learning opportunities


Pupils will:

  • Be responsible for their learning so that they can achieve their full potential
  • Be open to challenges and to understand that they will learn from their mistakes
  • Be inquisitive and curious about their learning
  • Be friendly, welcoming and accepting of others and develop an awareness of other’s strengths to work as part of a team
  • Have respect for the learning of other’s and behave appropriately to allow everyone to achieve their full potential


The school will use the community to:

  • Provide extra-curricular activities
  • Encourage children to respect the local community and its residents through involvement in school projects and activities
  • Give the children opportunities to be ambassadors for their school
  • Support children in their learning when appropriate
  • Make children aware of their role in the local community and the roles of other key figures


The school will work with parents to:

  • Create a partnership to support and develop their child’s education
  • Encourage parents to be actively involved in their child’s learning
  • Be positive role models and show respect for the school community
  • Maintain good communication


Our Values

  • Positive attitudes to learning
  • Respect for others
  • Responsibility for their own actions
  • No bullying
  • Acceptance of others
  • Being polite and considerate
  • Friendly and kind to others
  • Respect for property


Our Vision Statement


“We wish to develop a well resourced, caring and supportive environment for children, with professionally developed staff, that gives time to treat children as individuals”.